'04 turquoise voyage SB USD$750!!!

  1. She's a long-time collector and a great seller of authentic stuff. I bought a mint pistachio first from her that was exactly as described, and some great Chloe, too.
  2. wow! that bag is so gorgeous!
  3. Good to hear since I was wondering about authenticity (on the pewter)
  4. I think we all may be fighting for that one in the end, even me and I'm not a big fan of that color, but I love the size of it.
  5. So nice! I love the 04 turquoise.
  6. oh God!!!! i'm DROOOLIIINGGG!
    but i must resist! i just bought another b-bag few days ago for God's sake
  7. :drool::drool::drool:
  8. woahh i like the pewter she had!! thats such a gorgeaus color!
  9. that pewter that she sold is gorgeous!
  10. I love this bag! :drool: I want to go for it too but I really don't have use for this size. :P I can't believe she let that pewter first go for such a great price!
  11. Oh man ... I'm sick ... this is a STEAL!!!! I also have the '04 Turquoise Weekender, and it's a beauty!!
  12. She said the BIN is $1750 :crybaby:I cannot fit that on my unemployed college salary!! Time to eBay off some more of my wardrobe...
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