'04 turquoise twiggy!

  1. it's gorgeous! good luck, gals! :graucho: thanks for posting, Dancing Queen!
  2. i know this seller, she's a doll
  3. Heaven. :love: :love: :love:
  4. yummy bag, great seller!
  5. Do you guys think the BIN price is good?
  6. I don't know, Cilla.......I don't think Twiggys typically have the resale value of Citys so it depends if that's a factor for you. But it IS in great condition and a highly coveted, GORGEOUS color! I'm sooooooo tempted! But really...that's not much less than the gorgeous Red 03 City that FirstClass just sold. *tormented*
  7. Thanks Glimmer! I much rather have a Turquoise city but this bag is in such fabulous condition......I am quite tempted myself.
  8. I see it differently - i think some colors are better in twiggy and some in city, and turquoise being a casual summery color, i think this may be one that's better in twiggy.:yes:
  9. zeke, i totally agree. i prefer certain favorite colors of mine in particular styles because, for some unknown reason, the bag can capture the color better and therefore looks appealing to me, but i don't know why, it's just me.

    (and good luck on your sale! that's an amazing bag!!!!! :love:)
  10. I'm glad to hear you guys say that! I am in such a Twiggy phase and I think I actually prefer all the colors in the Twiggy (perhaps other than a black and red City). That's my preference but it seems like ebay dictates otherwise. Twiggys sell but they don't seem to get the $$$ that other bags get.
  11. oh fashion junky, where are you? isn't this your dream bag!?
  12. Glimmer are you thinking of getting it? I don't want to step on any toes.
  13. I've bought and sold several older twiggies and cities, and I've found no difference in resale value. Some people just love twiggies!
  14. Cilla, no, don't worry about me!