04 Turquoise First just listed on Ebay...

  1. It's so nice!!:heart: Agh! So many colours I want on eBay suddenly!
  2. *DROOL!*!!
    that's going to go fast!!
  3. It's AmourN20 a PF member...:heart:
  4. Now it's gone! To another PF'er:biggrin: We have such a big happy family of bags!!

    Congrats P!
  5. Thanx! I couldn't resist it...:heart: Just bought it from Nhelle!! Damn, I think I'll have to unload some bags on eBay as well to make room for the new ones lol
  6. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  7. CONGRATS!! it's a beautiful colour...and the handles! i can't get over how clean they are. :biggrin:
  8. congrats to the seller and the buyer! LOL its gorgeous
  9. Thanx guys! :yahoo: this is how i feel right now lol!! And now continues my final hunt for a seafoam or 03 emerald...:graucho:
  10. yay perc, glad you got ur green!
  11. :biguns: :rochard: YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!! Very nice and very quick I LIKE THAT..ENJOY;)
  12. congrats everyone!
  13. CONGRATS to Amour and percephonie ..... that was very fast :yes: ! Perce... enjoy this beauty - it will be your dream bag :flowers::yahoo::winkiss:
  14. congrats AmourN20 and percephonie! it's a beautiful bag! :love:
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