04 Turquoise First from $995

  1. Soooo beautiful~~~~~~ :love:
  2. wow. bertie has so many hidden treasures!!
  3. there is now a BIN of $1495
  4. Ooooo I'm bidding on it! *fingers crossed*

    I'm selling my Turq 04 Clutch specifically so I can buy a Turq 04 First or City :P

  5. good luck, Beverly this baby looks AWESOME!!! :love:
  6. Good luck Beberly !! :heart: :P
  7. Sorry I wrote your name wrong... I meant Beverly!!!
  8. good luck, its an awesome bag!
  9. So Beverly... is it good news? Did you win it? Hope so!
  10. i love the bag and I love the seller as well!!!!!:heart: :drool:
  11. I'm sad - someone outbid me and the seller promptly closed the sale. I would have bid higher too :sad:


  12. B ..you should have BIN'd it when she placed the BIN price...;)
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