04 turquoise first $1288 OBO

  1. so purrrty!
  2. Whoa...this bag is just an hour away from me!!

    Tempting......ARGH! Must not spend anymore!!
  3. Nice... I kind of wanted to make an offer, but I don't know if I like the color treatment / restoration. :hrmm:
  4. I bought it for $975 (tough negotiations!!!)

    What do you think? My only other purchases have been from Bal Ny and AR; PLEASE TELL ME YOU THINK I DID O.K. OR NOT!!!!!!!!!!

    I wanted to see for myself the mystique of the "04". My stuff is from this year and I am in love; how will 04 turquoise be different???

    Anyway, looking forward to hearing from you all. Julie:yahoo:
  5. I personally wouldn't pay close to retail for a color treated/restored bag. I love the '04 turquoise and really want one myself but that whole bag looks color treated. The bag color looks very different from the color of the mirror and the original tassels. I don't believe that it's "darkened overtime." I thought older bags tend to lighten and turn yellow not darken? I don't know. :shrugs: But if you love it that's great!
  6. ^^^I agree 100%. Speaking of that, where is the 04 Rose city thread???
  7. I can't find it either. :confused1: :confused1: I remember it was closed, but was it deleted?
  8. ^^yep. It's unfortunate, the buyer could have made a more informed decision as to purchase.
  9. I think its a very cute color tho!
  10. Thank you; I love the color too!!! :yahoo:
  11. I agree, it would be helpful info to future buyers.

    But I'm glad you love the color Julie! Hope you will still enjoy the bag! :smile:
  12. Wow all the sudden there are lots of seafoam/turquoise pop up on ebay. They are all so beatiful I just wish I could afford them!! What a great deal you got here Julielive, congrats!
  13. :yes: thanks catlady, a little worried now about the color/restoration, but I think i will love the bag!!!!
  14. Thanks to all for your great input; it has given me alot to think about!!:yes: