'04 turquoise clutch + '05 magenta Box !!!

  1. good luck on your sale, beverly!
  2. Wow, those are both great buys! Good luck, B!
  3. Who is the PFer? I know that eBay ID, but I don't know who it matches. Gorgeous clutch!
  4. i think it's BEVERLY. =)
  5. Yes, the seller IS Beverly !!!! ;) :love: Good luck with your sale :flowers: !
  6. Aww thanks :jammin:

    And I'm sorry they're priced higher than normal! It's actually lower than what I paid.. thanks to the Australian boutiques jacking up the price on luxury goods and/or customs tax :X
  7. I LOVE the pink box!...money in PayPal account....Ink Purse...Olive Box...Magenta Box...my head hurts...dont...know....what...to...do...someone....help!

  8. Go Oh Donna .... go go go :yahoo: :yes:
  9. Go Donna! The magenta box looks lovely.
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