'04 Turquoise City on Ebay!

  1. good luck mimi! you know i love this bag. in fact, i love all your bags!
  2. Good luck with the sale Mimi, it is a gorgeous bag!
  3. wow, my girl BooYah :heart: wants an '05 turquoise, but maybe '04 will do :shrugs:
  4. Now I understand why so many people love this color! Gorgeoussss!
  5. Mimi~ I can't believe you're selling this bag! You must be clearing the way for something equally as special! ;) :heart:
  6. Oooh the leather looks gorgoeus! Good luck on the sale Mimi!!
  7. Good luck..mimi, wish I could afford this baby..:P
  8. Brilliant! :wlae:
    I'm going to get it if the price doesn't go absurd :P
  9. Good luck on the sale Mimi!
  10. oh my, mims! it's gorgeous. whoever gets this is one lucky girl!:girlsigh:
  11. All these gorgeous bags! GAH! I wish I had an unlimited amount of money! ;)
  12. oooh... it's gorgeous mims.
    i hope i'm not broke now! :P
  13. wooweeeeee mimi!!! this is a beautiful bag!!! good luck to you and the bidders!!!:heart:
  14. Good luck Mimi! So pretty!
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