04 Turquoise City just listed...

  1. $1699! Yikes!
  2. wow is turquoise really as green as that clutch??
  3. And just ended at $1300!
  4. I may be a complete bafoon, but why does the plaque on the inside have the same numbers as my 2006 Ink City (115748)? Obviously, the other numbers are different, but I thought these numbers changed every year, no?
  5. I think that might be a different one?
  6. no.. it's the same
    and the sellers a member here:yes:
  7. I think the 115748 just means it is a City.
  8. Phew- got all worried.

    Told you, I was having a bafoon moment:noggin:
  9. That's twinklette's turquoise city!
  10. $1700 as an opening bid?? Does anyone else think that is way overpriced? I can see if there was a bidding war and someone bid it up to that much, but to start it at that price? $500 over retail. I know the Turquoise is elusive, but that seems really high to me. Eh, what do I know? :smile:

    I wish you well,

  11. ^^ It's a really hot color! That being said, I would not pay that much over retail. But there are definitely ladies out there who will.
  12. Wow! That's a steep starting bid! Good luck to whomever wins it!
  13. holy moly. that's a pretty huge opening bid. i mean like 500 over retail, yikes!
  14. I don't think it is too high.. or really it is anybody's place to say how high it should be :smile: It's all about what people are willing to pay.

    I have seen an '04 turquoise go for about $1550 on auction :smile: