04 Turquoise City is here! Pics inside

  1. Tada! Introducing my newest (and probably last one, for a while that is) Bbag...It's really hard to photograph this bag. It's green-blue in real life, but the pictures make it look more bluish. Very very strange :smile:

    In natural sunlight with no flash

    Artificial lighting with flash
  2. Oh. My. God.
    :drool: :drool: :drool:
  3. Your bag is AMAZING!!!!! It looks like it is in excellent condition! CONGRATS on a great buy!:yahoo:
  4. Thanks Stylefly and MRG!

    The bag was slightly beat up... with icky handles (well, icky to me) and some dirt on the corners. I cleaned it up the moment I got the bag with the Apple cleaner (using it really sparingly since it's so strong) and then applied the For Handles Only onto both the handles and the corners. That way, the parts that are most likely to get dirty stay clean :smile:
  5. Shortee78 : wow, love ur 04 turquoise bag.....i have this too, it's weekender bag and coin purse....this color is FAB~~~ isn't it? Enjoy ur new love!!!
  6. Thanks Celia_Hish! Now we're 04 Turq twins! We should start an 04 Turq club :smile:

    When I first got my bag, I was looking at the picture of your little coin purse, and back then, you called it Seafoam, so I was thinking "Hmm, my bag looks like THAT! Maybe it's seafoam" and then I realized that I didn't have the necessary pewter hardware :sad: Hehehe oh well, I still LOVE the color. It's super wearable.
  7. ...i'm so jealous!! i don't know what color to get!!! 04 turquoise or vert d'eau!!! such a hard choice. i want the color of the carribean sea.
  8. 0o0o0 yummy!!! its looks beautiful! thanks for sharing pics!
  9. Beautiful color! congrats :smile:
  10. super cute!
  11. wow! what a rare find. congrats! enjoy her.
  12. Thanks Sabine112, helenNZ, sabster, lisasbags, and robotdoll! :yes::yes::yes::yes::yes:

    I have been enjoying her daily since I got her. Her leather is soo smooshy and soft and scrumptious. All the 'S' words!


  13. Hi Shortee....hahaha, not only are u confused, i'm confused too, i kept thinkin it was seaform (not realising it does not have the silver hardware), until when i rec'd my 04 WE bag, then i have came into reality that my coin purse is actually turquoise...can u believe that i'm so blur....anyway, i'm not disappointed when i realised it's turquoise as it matches with my WE now....and u are right, we shld form a 04 turquoise club, isn't it amazing~~~:p :p
  14. Congrats! What a rare and pretty color!
  15. beautiful bag!! congrats & enjoy :heart: