04 Turquoise City from a great PFer!

  1. wow!!! i'm crying over this bag :crybaby: i loveeee it! why WHY am i broke???
  2. Gorgeous bag!
  3. *faints*

    :love: :love: :love:
  4. *sigh* That bag is fantastic!
  5. zacorey dear, GOOD LUCK WITH THE AUCTION! It's soooooooo gorgeous :love: :tender:
  6. OMG zac..... - are you sure to let it go :wtf: ??? It's such a gorgeous color - I still love it :heart: !

    But .... anyway .... GOOD LUCK with your sale sweetie - crossing fingers it will find a lovely new mommy :flowers: :love:
  7. Thanks girls!!! I do hate to let it go but I am wanting to get the Courier really bad! Hope someone here gets it!!!
  8. I feel the same way.

  9. Good Luck Zacorey....it's a beautiful bag :love:
  10. Hi Zac, your bag is STUNNING! I'm new to this forum but I think I've made quite an entrance (refer to the fake green apple city thread). Did you purchase this from another PFer? It's really pretty! =)
  11. Hi Dancing Queen!!! I read it last night and I am sooo happy you didn't pay for it!!! I'm so glad you are here with us!!! Yes, I did buy it from another PFer!!! I paid more then my starting price but I need to sell.

    Everytime I see your name I have the song in my head!!!:jammin:
  12. agreed with zac, ur name is soooo have the tune Dancing Queen, i love ABBA
  13. [​IMG]

    It's gorgeous zacorey!!! :love: :love:
    Good luck with your auction!

    (heheh...Now I have that song stuck in my head)! :P
  14. It's gorgeous!!! I love this color! The leather looks soooo thick and smooshy!:tender: :love: :heart: Good luck with your auction, zacorey!:flowers: I hope a Pfer wins it!:heart: