'04 Turquoise City BIN1299 or BO

  1. Hmmm I love this colour and the leather is TDF. It is quite expensive when you consider there is no shoulder strap for it....do BAL have replacements for shoulder straps?? I think I would be just as happy with the new vert d'eau.:yes:
  2. No strap would kill the deal for me. No, Bal doesn't do replacement straps - though they really should!!!
  3. Bal does replacement straps..if they have the leather at the factory.. and it takes a while but it can be done..
  4. Are they willing to do that if you didn't purchase the bag from them :confused1:
  5. OH I think you might have to have your receipt or proof of purchase...sorry!
  6. someone should get this :drool:
  7. i just received my turq '04 weekender today, and girls it's :drool: gorgeous!!!

    get this!!!
  8. I have the '04 Turquoise Weekender as well; it's NOT the same color as either the Seafoam or the '07 Vert D'eau.

    I could never understand how people lose the Straps ... I always attach the strap to the bag. Even if I don't use it, I know it's there ...
  9. yes, i also always atach the straps... :p
    it's sooo sad to miss that.

  10. pix please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:supacool: :supacool: :supacool:
  11. it's in the balenciaga subforum :p