04 Turquoise City $1490 BIN

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  1. Gosh, based on the picture the bag is so new. I love that!
  2. So pretty, and in great condition too!
  3. Awww I WISH it was just $100 less, I'd get it in an instant! *fantasizes*
  4. This seller is lovely! She's really nice and her items are gorgeous!

  5. Ohh beverly .... go for it :nuts: - ask the seller if she accept your offer :yes: !! She's very nice, I know her :love: - good luck :flowers:
  6. I just submitted a Best Offer (I think the seller just put it on, as I didn't see it before?). Here's hooooopingggggg :P
  7. Good luck Beverly! The turquoise 04 is such an amazing color!
  8. Good Luck Bev!!!! Hope it will be yours!
  9. Ohhh .... already sold :wtf: !! I think it isn't a PFer - right ?
    I'm so sorry Beverly :crybaby: . . . you'll find another one soon ;) , don't worry !
  10. :wtf: :confused1: :s
  11. OHHH NOOO! You'll get one soon Bev!
  12. Is it the exact same bag? The buyer on the original auction is different from the seller on this one. Could be sellers remorse also.
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