04 Turq Twiggy BIN 689 -has flaw

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  1. Wow that bag is beautiful... but that 'spot' is pretty bad. And it looks like they tried to get it off and made it worse... wonder if that could be fixed cheap?
  2. the auction says seafoam??

    that's a pretty big 'flaw'..it looks like someone tried to rub it out or something?
  3. For that price, there are shoe repair places that could probably fix it. They can hide it by spraying over the discolored part w/ a seafoam-colored paint. Might be a good deal...
  4. that could probably be fixed... maybe even artbag could.
  5. I'd really want that except for that spot and it's right in front too! and I'm not in usa, so not sure how difficult it's gonna be to send it for repair? to do it well, they probably need to spray/treat the whole bag instead of just the spot? if so, will it still be the same bag thereafter??
  6. The auction says seafoam and it looks like seafoam to me. How do you know it's turquoise???:confused1:
  7. ^ the color, brass hardware, the stitching color near the zipper...They are very close but the seafoam is slightly darker and greener and has silver hardware...
  8. TY Varsha. I fogot that seafoam has silver hardware. :shame:
  9. Do you guys remember that '04 seafoam twiggy that was up a while ago with that big HUGE ink blotch on it? And the person that won it was going to try to have it cleaned.... Anyone know how that turned out?

    This one looks like it would have to have that spot redyed?
  10. That must be a really faded turquoise, no? It looks very seafoam-ish. I'm just thinking of a turquoise twiggy I recently saw on ebay and the colour was much bluer and vibrant.
  11. eliza, you might be thinking of the 05 turquoise, which is much brighter. The 04 turq is very similar to seafoam.
  12. ^It doesn't really look faded at all to me... Are you sure it was an '04 turquoise twiggy you saw, not an '05 turquoise twiggy? I haven't seen any other '04s in a long time. There's been a lot of '05 twiggy blues up though...
  13. Looks like area where spot is has been retouched on the computer, it could be a lot worse in reality.
  14. ^Eek. It probably def needs professional work done on that spot... Sucks because the rest of the bag is soo nice.