!!!!!04 TRUE RED First!!!!!

  1. Lovely but the price is :nuts:
  2. I have this bag and i love it.... but what a price are they asking for it!!!!!!
  3. please do not post links or mentions of your own website, we do not allow any advertising.
  4. Good luck RockSteady. This bag is just making me cry on my keyboard. It's gorgeous.
  5. Beautiful bag, Rocksteady! Good luck with your venture.
  6. It is beautiful!!! Good luck with your new venture!! I am not sure but I wanted to mention just in case that you may get a note about your website link from eBay. If the other bags you are selling are not through eBay they will witch about it.
  7. Good luck and your website is so user friendly!
  8. Wow, wonderful bag! And best of luck with your business!!
  9. If only I had the extra money in my bank account!
  10. LOVE this bag and I'm not even a red girl! GOOD LUCK RockSteady! It takes a lot of guts to start your own business but it's so worth it. Can't wait to see what else you will have!!!:yahoo:
  11. Best of luck with the new venture, RockSteady. I think your website is nice and easy to navigate. I applaude you for starting up your own business.
  12. Wow I'm actually dribbling on my computer.... love the website too; it is very user friendly! Good luck:balloon:
  13. Thank you all for the well wishes and compliments! :flowers:

    The RDC slideshow shows most of the bags that are up for sale now or will be listed in the next few weeks.

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