04 Seafoam City

  1. Good luck Mimz!!
  2. :drool: WOW :drool:
  3. very nice, good luck mimi!!
  4. OMG :nuts: . . . it's such a rare, beautiful bag and in such a mint condition - really hard to find :yes: :yahoo: !!! Goooooo ladies - someone does get it :flowers:

    Good luck with your sale MiMi :love: :heart:
  5. omg! WOW! Goodluck on selling this one of a kind!!!!
  6. OMG! good luck on the sale. it's a PRETTY PRETTY bag!!!
  7. absolutely gorgeous! good luck, mims!
  8. what an awesome color!! goodluck selling it, its in such GREAT condition as well!
  9. Y :love: O :nuts: W :roflmfao: Z :heart: A :tender: !!!

    What a beauty!

  10. I agree!

    Welcome back! How was your trip?
  11. Mimi knows how i feel about this bag!!! it is super super beautiful. so much so,, i am tossing and turning, just knowing its out there!!

    best of luck to you mimi girl..

    and to any luck lady who may get this totally off the hook bag!
  12. i don't think she is letting the auction play out...apparently it will be ended with an offer....just wondering, it that okay to do on ebay? isn't there an option that allows for offers?
    I know someone on thefashionspot that offered
  13. Mimz, I can't believe you let this one go!!! It's so gorgeous!!! Good luck with your sale!
  14. Iconic! Rare! Really pretty condition.

    The bag of all bags.

    love the listing mims :yahoo: :lol:

    Good luck, (like you'll need it)

    Don't know how you can let this baby go, but I'll just sit back and watch the fireworks! ;)