'04 Rose Twiggy!!

  1. OMG I need to stop checking the achtung thread. I won't sleep tonight :crybaby:
  2. I so love this color!
    I just can't bring myself to pay that much...thought I would when one showed up but nope can't do it.
    I REALLY hope Bal comes out with a similar color again.

    Oh, and No Paypal :sad:
  3. OMG :nuts: - H E L P :rolleyes: .... I'm on a purse ban .... but .... I would L:heart: :heart: :heart: VE this Rose twiggy :love: !!! WHAT should I do :s ?
  4. Go for it Firstclass! It's condition looks AMAZING. Those handles look pristine...
  5. Oh, I think you should....... GET IT!!!!:nuts:
  6. Gorgeous..I love this colour!
  7. for the love of God, and as an act of loving charity towards me, not to mention for the quenching of your own burning desire, BUY IT! Please!;)
  8. Awwwwwwwwww ladies ..... you're so sweet :shame: !! Thank you for the support ..... I'm just fighting with my heart and my reason :hysteric: - do I need this if I already have a '04 Lilac and a '05 Bubblegum-pink in my collection :s ? I'm also looking for a '05 turquoise day or twiggy already - this would be more matching for fall now, isn't it (I have the mini-twiggy in this color and it's just tdf ... but a little bit too small, you know) ?!
    Let me think it over :supacool: ... and now - SORRY ... back to the beautiful ROSE twiggy :shame:

  9. I can't get enough of the 04 Rose. I have the exact same Rose Twiggy and a Mini Classique. I would also get a First and a City, but unfortunately those styles don't suit me. The 04 Rose is my favourite colour, waaaay better than the eggplant (I have 2 of these) or the 05 turquoise or teal. You're not selling your Rose mini-twiggy are you, firstclass1? ;)
  10. :lol: - I don't have the mini-twiggy in rose (unfortunately) - I only have the '05 teal mini-twiggy :shame:
  11. no one bought this yet???
    I'm surprised! saw it last night and thought it would be gone by this morning...
  12. wow, this is in great condition and the color is tdf.
  13. I think it is the same reason no one bought her 04 lilac. No paypal accepted. With the price so high and no paypal it makes me nervous to bid.
  14. ^^ Yeah, I so wanted that 04 Lilac but no PayPal accepted made it mucho hard to say yes. These two colors are killing me :heart: and my purse ban.