04 rose twiggy!

  1. oh my gosh, I need this bag...too $$$ for me at this moment.
    this is a lot of people's dream bag, so hopefully a PFer gets it...
  2. Wow! I may not get the bag but I'm definitely bidding on 3 Owens tops and the Dries top too!
  3. gone...:sad:
  4. not surprised! that was a great deal for a rose twiggy in that condition! :love:

    congrats who whoever got it! Pfer? dont recognize the name!
  5. nice score! that was a fast one! Was it a PFer?
  6. Mocean, I am not sure if the winner is a PFer, but they're the same person that bought the Anis Mini-Classique a few weeks ago. Love her taste!
  7. love this!!! it went so fast!
  8. How in the hell did I miss out on this beauty???
  9. AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH! I'm going to kill myself-my dream bag just went and I didn't even get to bid on it. Thanks for PM'ing me about it Jdy. I was unfortunately asleep at the time!!!!
  10. It's the perfect pink color =)