04' Rose Twiggy

  1. Ok so I am dying for this bag more than anything. Can someone authenticate it for me and then I am BIN.

  2. ^ there was nothing there, but if it's the rose from bertie - it's definitely authentic! goodluck :love:
  3. You couldn't see anything?
  4. ^ nope I don't see a link or photo's?
  5. :lol: that's okay - but yup, that's the one I was talking about -- it's authentic... go get it!!!!!
  6. Think it's a good price for a twiggy?
  7. twiggy retail is 1075, but it is an old color and in good condition. I do think it has been listed a couple of times though and hasn't sold.
  8. Great color, great style and the price isnt so bad for how rare the color is.
  9. I made her an offer for a little less. If she doesn't take it I will do the BIN. I love this bag. It is so purty
  10. I would NOT WAIT...DO a BIN or you will lose it JMO
  11. Do you really think so? This has been relisted for about a month or so now & no one has bought it. Maybe the price?
  12. i would BIN only if i was absolutely dying for the bag. otherwise, i'd just make an offer for a tad less.
    it's a gorgeous color though, but it has indeed been relisted at least one or 2x... so i doubt it'll be bought that quickly.
  13. She is a fabulous seller, no doubts about authenticity here. I would use BIN :smile: Best of luck! Gorgeous bag.
  14. Wow - did you get it? someone did! hope it was you!