04 Rose Twiggy. Sigh!

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  1. Is everyone selling a bbag tonite??!! I just bought a day bag and here come all these beautiful twiggys taunting me!!!! I can't stand it!!! I want them all! This bag is beautiful!!!:love:
  2. I know! I broke my ban for an anis twiggy and I want this one too! But I shall be strong, I shall be strong, I shall be strong . . .
  3. omg... 04 rose...too bad its not a city or work
  4. damn!!! but doesn't hold a candle to powderpuff's deal
  5. Well, if it were priced like Powderpuff's, I would have snatched it right up. But it's too much for me, especially since I just bought a twiggy this morning. Sob. There are gorgeous bags all around us right now. It makes self-control a valuable asset.
  6. That is a beautiful rose Twiggy. It looks new. The one I got from a PF'er is in excellent condition too. If the one I just won turns out to be a rose and not lilac I will list it on ebay for what I paid for it as the opening bid. I am almost positive it is rose and not lilac. So, still looking for that elusive lilac.:confused1: I really want an '03. One will eventually come my way. I will be patient. :yes:
  7. It's in such awesome condition too!!! If only it was a First, I'd get it in an INSTANT