'04 rose twiggy on ebay

  1. Ok... is it just me or does the starting bid sound ridiculously high?
  2. Nope, it's not just you. That is crazy.
  3. ummmmmmmmm, what were those numbers again :blink:
  4. Well.. the bag is in excellent condition aside from the penmark. Too bad, it doesn't come with extra tassles and original dustbag. I guess someone who really wants this color will definitely get it.
  5. Same opinion here it probably won't sell with this price right now because ebay or selling at this time of the year is very slow anyway.
  6. not it's not only you.. I wouldn't be surprised if it were completely flawless and mint.. but it isn't.. I think there's a snag somewhere...
  7. I guess they based the price on what the 2002 classique went for last week?
  8. Gosh! It's a beautiful color and I love that it's a Twiggy, but the starting bid is really high.
  9. three '04 turq cities sold for $1600-1700 just this past week.
  10. its crazy......
  11. yeppers, i concur bb10lue, it's a little cuckooooooo :wacko: :wacko: :wacko: :wacko:
  12. ^^Is this really true? Why, because everyone is supposed to be on vacation or something? I feel like every bag i've checked out (not to bid even - sometimes just to admire) has ended way over what I thought it would!
  13. this bag is so gorgeous. this is one of my favorite colors ever!
  14. There are no snags regarding this bag and it's everything I said it was - I just can't find the original sleeper bag or the extra lariats. Didn't I see a lilac city go for almost $3000.00 a couple of weeks ago - talk about ridiculous :smile: You will pay for whatever you want and if someone wants this, they'll pay whatever the price. If not, I'll simply lower the price.