'04 rose twiggy now with $1495 BIN

  1. is this the same one that didn't sell yesterday?
    04' rose is such a pretty color, not loving the price though....
  2. Wow! Except for the teeny pen mark, that bag is in fantastic condition! How gorgeous!!
  3. shoot.... i need to sell my seafoam twiggy.. i love this one more!!
  4. I WISH this was a Rose 04 City........ that would be irresistable! :P
  5. i wish this was 04 rose first~ not a big fan of the twiggy~ hehe!!
  6. it's beautiful! rose is such a gorgeous color :heart: :love:
  7. MY GOOOOOOODNESS that's delicious...
  8. OMG .... I love this color :heart: ! I would like a city in this color :love:;)
  9. boy, i believe in the free & all, but that price is :wacko:
  10. I really think the price is very reasonable given the rarity and condition of the bag :smile:
  11. I agree. I would love to see this color in person. It looks very vintage-y. Wish I had the funds right now!
  12. I agree as well. The color is gorgeous (though not for me) and it is in wonderful condition. I have a few of the new bags and I don't think there is any comparison. I hate even paying retail for my new bags when I think that there was a time when these were available for the same price. I am comfortable though with paying retail or above for these older bags.
  13. Pink is always gorgeous...
    I think I love pink too much
  14. Love the rose color and especially in the twiggy :heart:! It's my dream bag :love:, but not my dream price :hysteric:. Too bad it's not in my price range.