'04 ROSE Twiggy . . . GORGEOUS - BIN $1600 :-))

  1. Bee-you-tiful!
  2. :yes: omg beautiful bag
  3. I don't need another bag, I dont need another bag...:sweatdrop: :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:
  4. how do you get that to come up in english???

  5. OK, duh! I figured it out :P

    hmmm... cut tassels, no cards or dust bags and some scratches...is it worth the price??? This is one of my "Holy Grail" bags :yes:
  6. for that price I want the tassels, dustbag and tags and little to no scratches. Too bad shes not accepting offers. Those seem to be the ones I look at most.

  7. That is what I was thinking also ... besides I just bought 3 bbags in the last month - AGGGHHH!!!

    How exactly does a purse ban work ??? :upsidedown:
  8. Lol - Sorry hun, they don't!
  9. omgoodness, thats gorgeaus! someone pick it up!!!
  10. wow i love that color, and lookit that leather! yum!
  11. This seller is sooooo sweet too. I bought a bag from her before! Someone grab this!
  12. I agree. I saw that, love it, but that is too high in my opinion. I have been a good girl and resisted many times when I wanted to hit that BIN button. :P I am not happy with the way Ebay and PayPal are running things lately. If I buy a bag on Ebay it will be from someone on this forum. I am just too suspicious right now, especially after what just happened with nimrod. The scammers are getting better and I already got scammed twice.
    *Fooled me once, shame on you, fooled me twice, shame on me*:supacool:
  13. it's such a pretty bag. i love 04 rose!
    but i agree the price is too high for something missing its documentation. still beautiful though!
  14. I actually think this price is more than fair. For me personally, the tags are not particularly important. Also, you may be able to get tassels at BNY and then a dustbag is a dustbag. Rose is very rare color to come by. Moreover, this bag is in mint condition and is '04 leather, which is incredible. Additionally, you are paying for a bag that not many people have because the older bags were made in much more limited quantities and perhaps one could argue that the quality is therefore better. Once you have one, you see that not only is the leather amazing but the colors are so rich. I don't mean to start a debate on old vs. new but when you see people who have owned old bags continuing to seek these bags and pay more than retail for them, there must be something there.