'04 Rose Twiggy from lovely Pfer SB $630

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  1. BEAUTIFUL! :heart: :heart: :heart: Good luck everyone!

    P.S. Powderpuff I just love that background wherever you are, that you always take your pics at. So pretty! :heart:
  2. Thank you Pewter. Florida Keys, oceanside, my backyard.. :smile:
  3. ^Ahh, lucky you! Such a beautiful place with such beautiful bags... :love:
  4. so gorgeous. i've always wanted an 04 rose in my collection!
  5. Too bad it wasn't listed with a low buy it now, like the last auction!
  6. Good luck, PP! If I were a pink person it would SO BE MINE. :love:

  7. Gorgeous bag. All your bags are immaculate. Why letting this one go, Powder?:sad:
  8. I think this is the one that was Rose instead of Lilac that she won. Good Luck with the auction, Powder!
  9. Yep, and she already has a Rose Twiggy *I think*.
  10. Deco,
    This was the one that said lilac on the auction and it had terrible pictures. After I hit BIN and got a picture of the bales from the seller, I determined that it was rose and not lilac. :rolleyes:
    I already have a Rose Twiggy and that's why I listed this one. :smile:

    Violets, I chose to do a straight auction with no BIN on this one. Auction options on ebay are a great thing. If I am in a hurry, and can't decide what amount I want to put for a BIN, I just list it. If you got a fantastic deal, would you relist is right away and list it with a BIN for the same amount? ;) I paid close to a 1000. for mine, it had 2 worn corners and I thought I got a deal. This one only has wear on one corner, the rest is perfect. I think 600. was a really good deal and that's what I listed it for, no reserve.
  11. :yes: Unfortunately, with ebay and paypal fees one always has to go up on the price they got it for, there is just no getting around it.
    Good luck pp and to all bidders! It's a beautiful bag!

  12. I was just going to say the same thing! :yes:

    Good Luck powder!!!
  13. Omg.

    Who Got This For 640?!?!?!
  14. I can't believe it didn't go higher at the last minute ...