'04 Rose Twiggy from lovely Pfer SB $630


Life is a beach
Aug 8, 2006
Gorgeous bag. All your bags are immaculate. Why letting this one go, Powder?:sad:
This was the one that said lilac on the auction and it had terrible pictures. After I hit BIN and got a picture of the bales from the seller, I determined that it was rose and not lilac. :rolleyes:
I already have a Rose Twiggy and that's why I listed this one. :smile:

Violets, I chose to do a straight auction with no BIN on this one. Auction options on ebay are a great thing. If I am in a hurry, and can't decide what amount I want to put for a BIN, I just list it. If you got a fantastic deal, would you relist is right away and list it with a BIN for the same amount? ;) I paid close to a 1000. for mine, it had 2 worn corners and I thought I got a deal. This one only has wear on one corner, the rest is perfect. I think 600. was a really good deal and that's what I listed it for, no reserve.