04 Rose Twiggy- BIN 1390

totally worth more than retail! it's in amazing shape and the color (according tot he photos) is saturated.
all of her bags are in EXCELLENT condition!

edit - sorry I thought you meant the rose.
It's me. I'm desperately wanting a rose twiggy. I have enough in my PayPal account to buy this one, but I'm the high bidder on Powder's. I'm going back and forth trying to decide whether to do BIN on this one, or try to win the other. The corners are better on this one, though. Any thoughts? You can PM me.
i definately think the rose is worth the price, her black makeup though.... not sure since i can get one at BALny now!

rhonda---thats such a tough call! her bag does look a bit better than powders, but who knows what price you can get powders at, and $1400 is ALOT of money.... sorry i'm not more help!
It's mine! I am still the high bidder on Powder's. I hope someone outbids me. If not, I'll pay for it and resell it, just as she did (because her seller mistakenly listed it as lilac and she already had one of those).

Thanks for all the advice and kindness.

It is amazing how the Bbag market goes. I had my Rose Twiggy up on eBay with a BIN at $1300 and no bites. I even offered free shipping :yes: Very bizarre. Hopefully after the holidays more buyers will have Xmas money to buy bags lol.

Congrats to the buyer on this one. You will love it!