04' Rose or 04' Lilac? Hmmmmmm

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  1. tell me what ya think about the whole deal:blink: ebay # 6887173799
  2. I'd buy it for $1.
  3. Well, lol it's very very shady but if you manage to snag it for under 10$, then it's not a very expensive chance to take :P You should ask for more pics, it's probably fake though :rolleyes:
  4. I just pmd with questions about the reserve and asked for more pics. I'll let everyone know.
  5. Wow look at the buckles! Is it supposed to be that square?
  6. ^ Very square huh?

  7. Ah! Crooked, I missed that!
  8. Ranskimmie, I'd still buy it for $1. I'd tote my laundry around in it - that would be cool.
  9. It would actually cost you $16 because you would have to pay for shipping. :lol:
  10. the stud on the handles looks flat?
  11. Oh my...that leather looks totally off --> I would say it's impersonator.
  12. it's up to $31 now! So totally not worth it to buy for $31+ 15 in shipping (whatever that is, my math sucks). hee
  13. Too bad! At one buck, it was an awesome deal :lol: