04 Rose Mini Classique - starting $150

  1. so cute!!!
  2. Such a great deal! The minis usually close for about $400 and up.
  3. ^oh! really? how much is the retail for this?
  4. The minis are no longer in production. Not sure what the original retail is.
  5. welp, i've got a NWT '05 black mini which i won on e-bay for about $500 USD :Push: & the "Barney's" tag says $775!!!
  6. How big are they?

    edited for a typo....guess I cant spell this early....:cursing:
  7. That's such a pretty little bag!
  8. Donna, they are tiny.
    Check the thread with PF'ers wearing their Balenciagas, I think there's one there being worn.
  9. It is very small...much smaller than the mini-twiggy. It's very cute though, just not very practical IMO. But the color is TDF...so conflicted. :smile:
  10. yeah... i think there is a pic of judy wearing it somewhere in this forum...
  11. It is big enough for a bill-fold type wallet, phone, keys and lip-gloss, which is often what I carry. I have 5 of these and I love how I can get the classic BBag style in a small, understated way. I prefer this style to the smaller version of the mini twiggy, which carries about the same. The larger mini twiggy is another matter, though.

  12. ^^ ITA, it's perfect for a night out
  13. So cute, this! I'm going to resist. Still waiting for an 04 rose twiggy!
  14. I have the rose mini classique as well as the rose twiggy. This is the only colour in which I have 2 BBags; the rose is such a lovely colour.