04 rose city

  1. very very very cute
  2. Meeeemie! Oh my goodness! :sweatdrop: Are you going to keep any Bals girl?
  3. I have my wonderful ink sitting right here with me. This pink is just not for me.lol
  4. Sorry you ended up not liking it as much as you thought!
  5. Sorry meemie but don't worry it will go.:yes:
  6. Thanks Girls!! I feel bad about it not being for me as it is such an amazing bag color and leather wise. If only my wardrobe was different...sigh
  7. It's okay Meemie! I'm sure there's someone out there that really wants this bag! It's beautiful! :love: You will have no problem selling it.
  8. i love love it !
  9. It's gone! Did a PFer get it?