04 rose city!

  1. Gorgeous color... I'm such a pink girl! It's a bit too expensive for me though :sad:
  2. This is one of my dream colors :love: . I would love this in a twiggy :heart: :heart: , but a city wouldn't be too bad either. The price is a little steep though.
  3. Oh no, I looove this color but it's way outa my price range :sad:
  4. Gorgeous!!!!! Did this colour ever come in the day?
  5. yep... its authentic! pretty too! 1800 BIN. whew!
  6. :love: :love: love the rose so much! this is a beauty.
  7. nope - the day wasn't made until spring 05.
  8. Beautiful! Yowza on that price...
  9. OMG!!! I never saw this color come up on eBay! Sooo pretty! I am BROKE!
  10. Who's the seller??? $1800 ... yeah, that's a little steep ...
  11. I think it's twinklette's? It's really beautiful though!
  12. The leather looks so smooshy!
  13. i :heart: :heart: :heart: this color! that bag is to die for!
  14. love the bag...not the price tho......
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