04 Rose City! Stunning!!!

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  1. So pretty!!! I want it!!!
  2. :drool: :drool: :drool:
  3. O M G. That is a VERY VERY VERY beautiful bag! Love the seller too! =)
  4. OMG, it's beautiful!!!!!
  5. Very, very, tempting...it's beautiful!

    I think powderpuff is looking for a Rose city.
  6. Looks like it already has a bid on it. I wonder how high this one will go for?? Any one want to take a guess??
  7. Beautiful, and it's in such great condition too!
  8. WOWsers !!! :drool: This will def be one exciting auction.
  9. OMG ..... yummy . . . it's also MY dream bag :nuts: :nuts: !!!!! WOW - fantastic bag, beautiful color and perfect condition - all around GREAT :yahoo: - - - I hope I can resist (I must) :s

    Thank you Roxane for posting :flowers:
  10. that's in great condition. very nice vintage piece!
  11. It's so beautiful that although I already have an 04 Rose Twiggy and Mini Classique, and the City shape doesn't suit me, I STILL want it! :love: :love: :love:

    Mu-u-ust re-si-st :angel:
  12. :love: Oh Wow! I have my eye on a Twiggy but I would rather have a City. Would my finace kill me if I bought another bag this week? He still thinks the flat brass was an insane price for a used bag. Guys don't *get* it.:graucho:
  13. Well thats me thats got the bid on it and I have been emailing the seller back and forth and she got an offer for well over $1500.00 from someone else. More than I want to spend right now. ~sadness~
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