04 Rose City, should I get it?

  1. I have been searching for a rose 04 city and found one! Only thing I'm concerned about is the the distressing. I hope byMimi won't mind, but I posted a picture of hers and the one I'm looking at so you can see what I mean. I like the smoother nondistressed look of mimi's and wonder if I'll be happy with the one I found - I would love thoughts, thank you!



  2. i like yours!!
  3. hehe I don't mind! ;) I love them both! I think the one you have the opportunity to get is beautiful... so if you can, go for it love!
  4. thanks Mimi - I just wanted to show the difference in the leather...there is a pretty big difference between the two! Strange how there's such a variation even in the same year. I'm still torn lol. I can't make decisions to save my life!
  5. Get it! They are so hard to find!
  6. Ah Percephonie...if I do I have to sell one of my other bags so I want to make sure that I'll love it upon arrival! I guess I could get it, see and then if I don't like it resell?
  7. I would grab it and then resell if you decide you don't like the distressing.....the color is just beautiful!
  8. get it to see if you love it in person- things can appear different in real life. you can always sell later if necessary.
    it's a beautiful color :love:
  9. Oh I am so jealous!! This is the color I have been looking for!! Everyone is finding such great deals! Where have I been?
  10. i think Mimi's has been worn more than yours, thats why hers is less distressed. They get softer with time, so just use it.
  11. I totally agree, mocean! A bbag is like a pearl: the more you wear it, the better it gets. :heart: :heart:
  12. Darn you guys totally talked me into it. So it should look like Mimi's once I use it for a while? The leather like smooths out somewhat? I'm confused lol.
  13. twinklette, you should definitely get it . its beautiful! where on earth did you find it? if you dont mind my asking.

    and if you get it, and dont want it, which i sincerely doubt, you can sell it to me!!!:biggrin:
  14. ps. i also agree. mimis is just worn in! they are like pearls!
  15. Twinklette, may I ask if you also have the '04 Lilac city in your collection?;)