'04 red city w/pewter hardware $1650 BIN or BO

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  2. :nuts: WOW! Why didn't Balenciaga bring back pewter instead of doing the big, ugly, heavy gold?:confused1:
  3. Phew! good thing I don't have a thing for red :sweatdrop:
  4. ^^ good question powder!!! :shrugs:
  5. Yeah, I'd say that frazzled thread seals the deal. It's got to be the same bag. Jeez!!!
  6. Also, it's my understanding that the serial number (the four numbers before the letter) are unique to every bag. I'm not an expert, but all my Balenciaga bags have different numbers. I had two bags of the same style and color and their numbers were different, too, so I think it's practically impossible that two 2004 Red City bags would have the exact same serial numbers.
  7. i'm not sure that's the case. I've been studying ateilernaff and there are only a few serial numbers that is listed for a city. it's possible to have 2 bags with different numbers but I don't think each bag has their own number. I'm just a novice though and hope a regular expert can clarify..

    but I agree that the whole thing seems fishy...
  8. ^^ ditto, i don't think the #'s prove anything :girlsigh:

    p.s. there could also be 2 sides to the story :heart:
  9. 95.7% positive feedback?:s
  10. I don't mean "serial number" in the way ateliernaff does. The numbers on that site refer to the numbers that appear on the back of the tag after the model number. I'm talking about the numbers that appear after the N' on the front of the silver plate. I just checked the site and that number appears to be the "leather lot number"
  11. Okay, well, I don't even get the price she is asking for it. If it was in mint condition then probably, but I couldn't justify anywhere near that price for a bag in that condition anyway... :hrmm:

    And so sorry that happened to you Shmi! :cursing:
  12. dude that is the exact same bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! balenciaga brings out the worst in some people it seems!
  13. these are the names this person has used on ebay.

    User IDEffective DateEnd Datesupere_pacbellDec-03-06Present supere_107Jul-16-03Dec-03-06******@pacbell.netMar-30-00Jul-16-03
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