'04 Pumpkin Orange City SB $400

  1. Trying to pretend I didn't see this. I would love to have a Pumpkin Balenciaga!!
  2. ^ Haha! Same here!
  3. GREATTTT BAGGGG! i use to have a pumpkin twiggy, but the city is sooo much more beautiful
  4. 3 pictures and lousy description of wear. hmmm.
  5. The handels are a mess.
  6. 0o0o pumpkin, apple green, magenta... 0o0o0o0o0o0o0 i just can't believe these eBay finds... :fainting:
  7. Lovely color....
  8. Wish it wasn't sooo worn! :sad:
  9. This one ended at $515!
    I wonder if the seller let it go at that price even though it didn't meet the reserve...
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