'04 Pumpkin First bag! BIN $1025

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  1. omg i'M weak at the knees for orange!! What is the luvin my bags process for getting those handles clean? I just cannot live with the handles. My bordeaux first has "warned" handles and it does bug me. It would really bug me on this one.

    but OMYGOD THAT color and that LEATHER. holy cow.
  2. If I wasn't on a self-imposed purse ban for the next few weeks I'd snatch that up in a jiffy. What a gorgeous bag. I love the First. Even with the handles this bag is a real gem. I bet she'd look amazing restored.

    Good luck with your sell stylefly.
  3. stylefly, good luck! i love pumpkin, the leather is so beautiful!
  4. Thanks everyone! Rocco- Barbara said that they will extract the oils to lighten the handles so there would be no repainting involved. She said that she could restore them amazingly but I never got around to sending it to her...any of you are welcome to send her my auction photos to confirm that she can get the darkness out :smile:
  5. I love it.
  6. Absolutely stunning!
  7. wow! what a freat colored bag! It doesnt look like it would need that much done. i could probably justify it, but with the rouille i'm getting for xmas....i really need a green!!!!!!!!
  8. :nuts: !!!!!!! It's beautiful! The leather looks amazing.
  9. I love that color, but the handles - yuck.