04 Pistachio Twiggy SP $950--Ends in 8 hours and NO BIDS!

  1. People like to snipe at the last minute to avoid driving the bids up.

    Also, with all the new greens being released for SS07, some may be waiting for new bags, rather than a used one.
  2. everyone wants it for 950 ;)
  3. ^^^ winona I thought of you when I saw this...haven't you been hankering for a budget friendly pistachio? This could be the one!
  4. :graucho:
  5. can't believe it ended without any bids.. i might have to email the seller :biggrin:
  6. go for it, habibty!!!:nuts:
  7. is something wrong with my auction guys??
    no one wants my beautiful bag!!! :shrugs: :cry:
  8. Relisted at an AWESOME price now!
  9. Its beautiful and the leather is so nice. It was a great price before, I'm surprised no one snatched it up!
  10. I'm completely surprised no one bought this.....so rare, great color and great condition...great price, and now even better price!
  11. ^^ That's tempting! Somebody better get this... That twiggy is so beautiful. :yes:
  12. oooh, yes it was my bag :P
    glad you found a pistachio city for replacement girl!