04 Pistachio Twiggy..like new

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  1. it's gone!!

    who get it? i hope it's a PFer!
  2. Isn't that funny, someone had one of these listed a couple months ago for like $800 and couldn't sell it... go figure!
  3. that's a lovely color!

    man i wish i have the funds to get a twiggy..
  4. I purchased it. I love the 2003-2004 Bbags and pulse with the color. I wrote the Seller but haven't rec'd a response. The auction says she is a member of the PF..hopefully it is a seamless sale.

    QueenV2 a new 04 Pistachio Twiggy didn't sell for $800? Gasp.

    Now I will have to sell a bag. :sad:
  5. congrats on the new handbag! I love that color and style. I am doing a lot of watching right now on B-Bags as I prepare to make my first purchase!:yes:
  6. This one was my bag. As most of you know I am selling my collection to pay for IVF so congrats to the buyer. :crybaby: You are going to love this one!

    P.S. I just emailed you

  7. That bag is the BOMB! I just seen this ~ lucky you! It is funny how on eBay something can be up lower and no one grabs it ~ maybe due to Christmas shopping. Who knows. I am sure you are going to love it.

    Linda Marie
  8. That is certainly a worthy cause. I wish you all the luck in the world. Hope you are blessed with your dream as well as wonderful replacements for all you are giving up.:idea:
  9. I have just been emailed by the buyer stating that someone on the forum is stating that this bag is not authentic. I just want to state for the record that it is ABSOLUTELY authentic. I have spent a lot of money for my collection searching for the best and as you all know, the ONLY reason I have sold and listed my bags is due to IVF which we have already put in $15000 with no good news. I have been on the forum for awhile now and I know what is an authentic bag and what is not. I would have never purchased a fake bag. I would have never then sold a fake bag. When I purchased the bag EVERYONE on here said how nice it was and authentic. It bothers me that someone is trying to discourage this buyer. I do not condone fakes whatsoever.

    Anyway, I just needed to put this out there.
  10. If they back out I hope you relist it because I would love to buy it:smile:
  11. I absolutely will. It just really bothers me because I ABSOLUTELY would never sell a fake. If I had purchased a bag and then realized it was fake I would never then sell it. I would go after the seller who sold it. I have bought enough Bbags to know what is authentic and what is not. Maybe someone on here is jealous that someone can afford a great bag and they cannot.

    Ok, I am done :yes:
  12. Just wanted to let you all know the buyer has backed out. I would appreciate it if the person who is claiming this is a fake email me or PM me and explain why you think that. I can assure you it is 100% authentic and real. If you compare the bag to pics on atelier.naff, you can tell it is real. Anyway, if anyone has questions with this bag, just PM or email me. I don't appreciate lies being spread about me as a seller.

    Thank you:yes:
  13. Oh, giggles, I am so sorry. I know you would never sell a fake. I know how you feel. I sold a real bag to an inexperienced eBay buyer and she returned it because she wasn't confident of authenticity -- even though LP confirmed it and the LVR tags were still attached. It was disappointing financially, but even more upsetting personally!

    Edited to add: We have a lot of new forum members who have quickly decided they are experts. I'm not saying all new members have this attitude, but I've noticed a few that do.
  14. I am so sorry Giggles, especially as you are selling to get money for IVF- my sister is going thru it, too. Maybe it was buyers remorse?
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