04 Pistachio clutch from lvlady99...BIN $999

  1. Wow, this same clutch sold a month ago for $599 by the same seller! this is ridiculous.
  2. ^ I agree, her prices are getting crazy!
  3. That price is just downright wrong. I have bought a coin purse and rouge box from this seller in the past and her prices were fine, maybe $25-50 more than I should have paid but it wasn't too bad. This one is just insane!
  4. As much as I hate to say it - if it were a color I really wanted I would probably bite the bullet and hit the BIN. Thankfully it's not so I can continue to complain... I can see both sides of the argument - if the demand is there, why not take advantage of it - and selling these bags to us are the seller's bread and butter - but I do wish the whole craze were still under control :confused1:
  5. A thousand bucks for a clutch....nah...I couldn't do it. But I know lvlady is hoping someone can, so I do wish her the best of luck.
  6. She first listed for $599 which I snapped up in a micro-second. She then listed another one for $699 which Mimi snapped up for LP. I think given how we jumped on the previous two, there is perception of high demand... hence the new price.
  7. and lets not forget the marigold that sold for the BIN of $999 :smile:
  8. I would LOVE to know where she finds these!!!!!! I wonder what she pays for them! LOL
  9. She always has best offer, offer :smile:$599
  10. whoaaaaa the price is really high:wtf:
  11. This is equivalent to a bag!! :wtf:
  12. i just put an offer :p
    wish me luck :yes:
  13. Good luck seahorseinstripes!!:yes:
  14. Love that colour! Good luck Seahorseinstripes:biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: