04 Pistachio City!!!

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  1. Love the seller. Good luck on your sale Amour!!!
  2. Why does she say her bags are in mint condition but then lists some flaws? It's really misleading. Mint condition means no flaws!!!
  3. Violets, mint seems to mean different things to different people.
  4. Good luck with your sale, Amour :heart:
  5. thanks ladies...
    ;) :heart:

    violets..thanks for pointing it out..while i do understand that you are prolly saying the "mint" should mean "perfect" condition....for a 2-yr old bag, i define mint as preloved, excellent condition with minor flaws..

    anyhow, i have changed it from MINT to Excellent Condition...i hope that answers your question.
  6. Can't wait to see the pics... :sweatdrop: I bet it's going to be TDF, like Amour's bags always are!

    Good luck with your sale Amour! :heart:

  7. oh you..thanks hun!:love: pics are up..i'll take some more later...;)
  8. Such a pretty color and in mint condition ... did you EVER use it???
    Good luck Amour!
  9. That's the most mint pistachio I've ever seen... Soo beautiful! :girlsigh:
  10. Wooohooo, drop dead gorgeous!!!! Good luck with ur sale Amour!!!
  11. it's sold!!! congrats amour
  12. Congrats!! It's a beautiful bag!!
  13. Did it go to a PFer :love:
  14. Hope a PFer got it. Congrats to the winner and Amour!