04 or 05 Twiggy? Which do you think she is?

  1. woah!!!!!!!!!!!!! have a look at the rules again please!

    Indoors, no flash.


    Indoors, fluorescent lights

    Indoors, natural light

    Indoors, natural light

    Indoors Natural light
    front 021.jpg front 031.jpg front 041.jpg back 01.jpg back 02.jpg
  2. I'm unsure of the year... but she is GORGeOUS. Nice leather.. Great piCK~! Congrats :tup:
  3. New Mystery Twiggy with my S/S 04 in back.

    two twiggys.jpg
  4. There are several things that make me think it is F/W 04. The three 04 Twiggys that I have, have longer handles. If you count the lacings, there are also more lacings, not just the same number spread out further. Not counting the “flat” lacing just above the rivet, there are 20 lacings (or 22 total lacings), on the newer bags, there are 16 lacings between the “flat” lacing. (or 18 total lacings)

    This is a comparison pic between the new Twiggy, 04 3 Pistachio, and 2005 1 Sky Blue. You can clearly see the length difference in handles between the Pistachio and Sky Blue.

    lacings 01.jpg
  5. she looks like an 05 twiggy to me. my 05 city has the same color hardware (brass) like the new one you have. i believe the silver hardware was 04. congrats, your twiggy looks great!!
  6. There is also a similarity between my known 04 and the new Twiggy. I believe that they changed the way the tassels were tied onto the bags starting with S/S 05. My 04’s have the “knot” way, my Sky Blue S/S 05 has the tension loop

    The tassels on the inside zip pocket were also a lot longer with the 04’s, same as this one

    Inner pocket S/S 04 with Pewter hardware

    Inner pocket Pistachio 04 3


    Inner pocket new Twiggy

    Inner pocket Sky Blue 05 1
    tassels tied 01.jpg tassels tied 02.jpg tassels tied 03.jpg tassels tied 04.jpg
  7. S/S 04 Pewter Front outside pocket

    New Twiggy outside pocket

    The rivets are the same for the my 04 Pistachio, but the S/S 04 with Pewter has a smaller rivet, I wonder if this is just because of the pewter hardware?


    Do you agree that this is an F/W 04 or think it's rather a later
    05 Twiggy?

    I wish you well,

    tassels tied 05.jpg tassels tied 06.jpg rivets.jpg
  8. I would guess that it is 04. Congrats on the great find.
  9. your new twiggy is def an 04 - the ties are the same and the un-notched rivets are exactly like my 04 anis. and that leather looks like a mirror image of your "known" 04 twiggy.
    congrats, it's beautiful and that leather is simply smashing!!!!
  10. [​IMG]
    I don't know too much about the history of your bag, all I know is that it's gorgeous!!!!:heart:
  11. fun thread, Bridget! I love the "mystery twiggy" and the figuring out process - GORGEOUS, too, by the way....
  12. it's def 04
    I can tell by the leather
    Congrats it is really beautiful
  13. Congrats! AND great detective work Bridget. I agree with you 100%, oit's an 04. The handle length I wasn't aware of, but makes perfect sense to me. The tassel length on the inside pocket and the way they're tied confirm it for me though.

    It's beautiful!
  14. Congratulations on the gorgeous F/W '04 Black Twiggy...the handles totally give it away ;o)

    I love all the comparison photos, really great reference material!