04 Mystery Green? City from Phillipines

  1. Hey sweetie, yes, it's real and from a lovely pfer.

    And the seller is right that it's a very very rare color...a collector's piece indeed.

    Good luck on the sale, Nhelle. It's a rare beauty.
  2. I love that color! I haven't been on TPF that long, and I have never seen this color before. The bag looks like it is in perfect condition - that leather looks yummy!
  3. Neat - what a rare color!
  4. It's beautiful and the color is gorgeous!!! Good Luck Amour with your auction!!!
  5. anothe beauty from nhelle :party:
  6. omg, so this color actually does exist! very drool worthy! good luck amour!
  7. It's a really beautiful color. I love it!
  8. thank u all ladies! the bag is really TDF in realy life..it looks darker in the pics but it's a gorgeous jewel tone color!:heart: :yes:
  9. Ohhhh it's such a rare beauty :drool: :nuts: !!! GORGEOUS bag . . . :yes:
    Good luck on your sale 'N' :tender: :flowers: my sweetheart :heart:
  10. good luck nhelle! it's really gorgeous!
  11. Amour, does that shade of green have a particular name?
  12. I have never really seen a green bag that I liked but that is a beauty.
  13. it's called 'mystery' green... :wlae:

    but it's too much... :crybaby:wish i could afford it.. but that'll be the price of the new giant!