'04 METALLIC Magenta Classique

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  1. Oh I am but I don't know if I want to pay that much..it is soooo pretty!
  2. Loving it!!! But I agree about not wanting to pay that much. But it really is worth the price.
  3. Yeah, it's a little pricey, but it is brand new. :shrugs:
  4. It is...I think it is used..the seller said it was when I asked her about it
  5. Her auction does say new with tags but when I asked about the bag she said this:

    This metallics magenta is for 2004/2005 holiday collection. you cannot buy it new anymore. It is very gentlely uesed. It's about 90% new.
  6. I was searching through the forum because I have a thing for this color. I swear it calls to me in the night. I have looked at this auction a few times but have always thought the price was a bit high (at least for me). I found that the seller had this bag listed twice before with lower selling prices ie.. $1099 and $1079. Which would seem to me to be more of a reasonable price for a first. Both times the auctions ended with no bids. I wonder why then she chose to increase the price by $200 this time and will not accept any lower BIN. Anyway, I thought it was interesting.
  7. Sorry it was me!! I know I just got the bubblegum and the whole mess that went with that and buying off ebay BUT.... I had to have it. I really like the first size and the color. Well like I said the color calls to me in the night. This one I will take scratches, dents and all because I will be distracted by sparkly magenta!!
  8. ^ :nuts: Ahh how did I miss that one? Not that I would have gotten it, but what a great deal!! I hope a PFer got that...
  9. Oh, congrats Meemie! Hope you are happier with this one. It's gorgeous!
  10. Pewter, now that I have had the bubblegum for two days I really like the bag. I just had to get over the whole item not as decribed thing. Really I no longer notice or even focus on most of what bugged me at first. It is really pretty and when I look at it I love it. I didn't have that with the ink. I wanted to but couldn't. I think just the seller saying she should of described it better was all I needed to hear.
  11. I've checked out this auction alot...hehe :drool:
  12. Oh great! So glad you're lovin the bubblegum now! It is really a fabulous bag and you are lucky to have some of the best pinks in your collection! Congrats! :yes: :yahoo:
  13. Wow - congrats meemie! It's beautiful!