04 Marron weekender

  1. wowza. check out the old lampo zipper! that's truly an oldie.
  2. but a goodie! :yahoo: I have this color in a city and I luuuuuuuurve it! :love: I wanna swim in this leather... I bet you could too in this weekender!
  3. wow! gorgeous!!
  4. Gorgeous color....if only it were a City!
  5. gorgeous~!!!!
  6. so pretty!! i am starting to fall in LUUUURVE with this color. this isn't good.
  7. So it definitely legit? That zipper threw me cos I thought by then they were using the embossed lampo, bot engraved lampo. But obviously I was wrong - its a gorgeous colour, regardless.
  8. Yup ... it's legit.

    This bag has been up on eBay for quite a bit (she keeps on re-listing it). As a matter of fact, when she listed it sometime ago, she had listed it as Bordeaux ... I informed her that it was the Marron color.

    It is a beauty ...
  9. CeeJay, that might have been another seller? I think I remember the bag you're talking about. This seller just got hold of this bag recently, it's her first listing of it.
  10. WOW- it's definitely yummy!!!
  11. Did you correct her on the "Dolma Green" too? ;)

    Good grief, she has 19 Bbags listed right now! I'd really like to know her source!
  12. Huh, did she have the olive listed as dolma?? Funny. Wishful thinking...[​IMG] (dolma is prettier than olive, IMO).
  13. Yeah, I think I saw it listed as "Dolma" yesterday.... I agree the Dolma looks prettier than Olive to me, too, although I have never seen either color in real life.

    I think someone bought an Olive recently and said it was beautiful and kind of changed colors in different light like the Ink.
  14. I think that was Mimi's khaki, wasn't it? The khaki is very changeable, and the dolma is actually a lot like seafoam and 04 turquoise in its character, but the olive - to me, it's a bit flat. But maybe it depends on the bag...