04 marron vs. sienna 07

  1. Does anyone have comparison pics of these two colors? I am craving a vintagey brown and was wondering how closely they compare.
  2. I thought I had side by side pics but can't seem to find them.
    Here are my marron 04 and sienna 07 in similar lighting.

    It is fairly similar but the sienna has more brick undertones, while the marron has more almost purply undertones. The 04 has better leather, and I felt the marron had more depth and richness.
    100_3600.jpg siennatwig.jpg
  3. I knew you'd have pics! You're awesome! Would it be fair to say that they are close, but that marron has more reddish tones?
  4. my goodness your sienna twiggy is so gorgeous too, sunspark!

    i thought marron 04 is closer to bordeaux 05?
  5. I don't really think it was that close, the marron is a rich reddish walnut, where as the sienna is more tobacco brick. Oh, I know! THe undertones in the marron are purple but the undertones in the sienna are orange.

    The marron is closer to the brownish dye batch of the grenat. I've heard there are more reddish grenat that are similar to rouge theatre. The grenat I briefly owned (with tdf leather!) was more brownish.

    Now we don't just have to worry about years, but dye batches too!
  6. Oh boy. this is much more confusing than I thought! Would you say that sienna is a good vintagey brown color? it seems to photograph with a reddish tint, is that accurate in real life?
  7. i think Sienna has reddish tones, but it's gorgeous! It's so ironic because I wanted a brown with no reddish to it and saw this and fell in LOVE:nuts:
  8. ITA! I own a Sienna Work and I used to have the 04 Marron as well.
    To me, those two colors are completely different, the Sienna is a few shades lighter with red/orange undertones whereas the Marron is darker with red/purple-ish undertones. The leather on both colors are vastly different, the Marron looks more vintagey, but the Sienna is a gorgeous rust brown that'd get only better with age:yes:
  9. I have never seen either IRL, but I gotta say I LLLLOOOOOVVVEEEE the sienna!!!!
  10. A better pic of marron in similar light as the one above