04 Marron Twiggy HURRY!!

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  1. oh my god, i want this bag! just emailed the seller because i have 0 feedback, i've never bid on ebay before....oh i hope i can get it......
  2. peanut, the back of the bag is refurbished with 2 patches of leather, just fyi :flowers:
  3. yeah, a complete turn off for me i'm afraid, there's no way i would buy that bag looking like that
  4. yes because the leather patches maybe don't look like the real distressed leather? mmm..
  5. its just wrong on so many levels , wrong, wrong, wrong...
  6. seller is a Pfer !! =)
  7. I thought I was seeing things when I saw those patches on the back ... but they did do a good job.
  8. well, at least it looks like this seller is being honest about the bag - unlike, apparently, whoever sold it to her!
  9. I think for the price it's a decent buy, esp. if you couldn't afford a mint one.
  10. I agree with, Cal. Great price for what you're getting.
  11. Sure looks good from the front!
  12. I saw this bag with the burn mark before on ebay, was it the same seller? Did it not sell then she had it fixed?
    I think this is a great price.
  13. the bag looks good but I just don't like the back...where the two leathers meet.
  14. I don't get who would pay $645 for a bag that is so used? It looks awful to me! I think it's madness!!