'04 marron city?

  1. Does anyone own one of these fabulous bags and have pics to share? How hard are they to come by? I've seen the pics of Mary Kate Olsen in the celebs thread, and have fallen in love with the color!
    Thanks in advance :smile:
  2. i think they're pretty hard to come by - but i've seen them around on eBay and realdealcollection and annsfabulousfinds before :yes: if you're patient i bet one will pop up!
  3. thanks for replying! I hope someone has some pics on here :smile:
  4. I have owned 6 of the marron 04. The twiggys have the best leather! Very, very silky. The citys leather was different, spongier. The first was a cross between the two. I finally found a twiggy in almost new condition to replace my older ones and it is my very favorite bag:yahoo:

    First pic with flash
    without flash
    my 3 twiggies

    It is the best brown ever!
    100_3625.jpg 100_3626.jpg 100_3629.jpg
  5. oh my gosh, thanks for posting. they all look so stunning!! :drool:
  6. There is a gorgeous first on eBay
  7. so it is more brown than red?
  8. [​IMG]

    sunspark, I love your marron twiggy's!!! For whatever reason, I think that the twiggy style goes best with the 04 marron and yours are gorgeous!!