04 Lilac?

  1. Oh Ronda, thank you for saving me!!! I was eyeing it thinking, how can I raise the money. I refreshed and it was sold, then I came over here to check to see if someone listed it! It definitely looks like an 04 lilac. What a fabulous deal!!!
  2. Yay! I think I did well, then. Now, what to sell?
  3. Ronda, she is absolutely gorgeous.:yahoo: You did very well. :yes:
  4. absolutely gorgeous! :nuts:

  5. Well done! Great price and looks like a beautiful lilac 04.

    Selling something? Very interested to see which gem you will be selling!
  6. ITA *going to wait for Ronda's listing patiently*
  7. Great score, Rhonda! Congratulations!
  8. Well, I am home from work today so it's time to dig through the closet!
  9. Congrats Ronda!!!!!!! I was about to hit the BIN for Slinks!!! I knew it was Lilac but I wasn't 100% sure b/c she wrote it was pink and sometimes people confuse lilac for rose! If it was rose I didn't want to be stuck with it b/c I don't use the city style!!! Sad I couldn't help Slinks:crybaby: but so happy for you Ronda!!!!:yahoo:
  10. Oh, now I feel terrible. You should have seen me . . . I was madly flipping back and forth between atelier naff and eBay. I have a rose 04 twiggy, so I hope is isn't actually rose instead of lilac. But it really looks like lilac to me.

    Edited to add: I recently sold a lilac 04 mini classique and if the color of this bag is the same, it will be even prettier than the seller's photos!
  11. AWSOME!!! Congrats! Its a lilac alright!!
  12. ME TOO!!!!!! I was like~ it is lilac but it could be rose???? All confused!!! WOW~ Ronda now you have lilac and rose!!!!!!!!!:nuts:
  13. Holy moly! G-R-E-A-T- DEAL !!! congrats !!!
  14. Congrats congrats congrats Ronda! It is beautiful~~~