'04 Lilac Mini Classique

  1. i have been eyeing this, but i dont know bout the size... looks small. its a really pretty color tho.
  2. Wow...it is beautiful!
  3. Oh it is such a beauty! I wish......
  4. Aww thank you pippop!!! She really is a beauty- I can't wait to have my 04 lilac first! In the mean time, I really hope this little one finds its way to a PFers home. The color is gorgeous and the size...it is small but then again I'm starting to think that the first is a bit small...lol However its got that classic Balenciaga style and the strap is nice and long so it works as a great shoulder bag!
  5. An eBayer asked me for some photos of it on so I thought I'd share them with you guys too. I didn't realize it looked that cute on until I saw my own photos...:lol: :nuts:
  6. It looks so cute on you!!! So temping....
  7. j, it's so cute on you!:cutesy: are you sure you have to part with it?:crybaby:
  8. Oh, you should add those pics to "photos w/your b-bags"!! so cute! :smile:
  9. Oh yeah jdy.... this '04 Lilac Mini looks FANTASTIC on you :nuts: .... such a sweet bag :yahoo: , OMG - I hope a PFer get it - good luck with your sale :flowers: :love: