04' Lilac ending in 11 min.!!

  1. The price is still REALLY low compared to DUDES!:biggrin:
  2. It just went for $960 -- was it someone here? I hope so -- it's such a gorgeous bag. Congrats to whoever it was!!
  3. It just ended at $960!
  4. WOW, only US$960! Great price, congrats to the winner :smile:
  5. OMG who got it? That is a steal!
  6. I would bet the seller is not too excited about the price..
  7. I think the price is pretty great for both the buyer and seller - it was in pretty iffy condition, and missing a lot of 'essentials' ;) congrats to whoever won!
  8. Well, I know Nhelle was suppose to bid. But she didnt win. Hmmm........ I wonder what happened?
  9. aaaccccckkk I missed out the auction...I hate emergency meetings at work..i really do!!!!!:mad: :mad:
  10. i missed out the auction toooooo........stupid exam!!!
  11. cool! it went for a good price! there have been a lot of lilacs popping up as of late, supply and demand! did a PFer get it?

    i bet another will come knocking for you nhelle! i'll keep an eye out! :flowers:
  12. Ha ha ha .... I'm happy to have "my" '04 Lilac city already :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :love: - even this price now was much better :shame: ! And .... who is the lucky winner of THIS Lilac bag ?? Is it a PF-member ? CONGRATS to this steal :flowers:

  13. Ohh sweetie ..... I'm so sorry :cry: :cry: - I'll help to find another '04 Lilac bag for you, I promise :yes: ! And how I said honey: don't work too hard ;) :rant: !! HUGS :love:
  14. Wow! Congrats to whomever won a wonderful 04 lilac bag at a wonderful price!
  15. Congrats to the lucky winner! Hopefully it's a PF member :smile: