'04 Lilac Classique HURRY!

  1. OMG :nuts: I want this...it's gorgeous! Good luck on your sale Amour!
  2. Wow!! One of my favorite Balenciaga colors. Sniff sniff too bad I'm on purse ban. Good luck on the sale and good luck girls! :love:
  3. this one is in wonderful condition...good luck nhelle!!
  4. This is my dream color but i wish it was in the City size.:crybaby:
  5. Ahh Amour you have the best bags!! After winning your last listing though I think I'm gunna see if you maybe list on of your dark turq bags! ;)
  6. thats my favorite favorite color!!! yikes
  7. GORGEOUS :nuts: - I've the city in this color and I can tell you . . . it's sooooooooooo BEAUTIFUL - I still L:heart: VE it :love:

    Good luck with your sale 'N' :flowers:
  8. thank u all ladies...:smile: ;)
  9. I'm watching this one too! :graucho:
  10. If only it were the city!!!! such a beauty!
  11. Oh...that is so pretty:P
  12. Congrats to whoever got this! Such a beautiful bag... :yes: :yahoo:
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