04 Lilac City

  1. uh-oh.:graucho:

    this is beautiful.
  2. 04 Lilac is very pretty! :heart:
  3. pretty color!
  4. How did this get turned into a poll? lol!
  5. omg! another beauty.
  6. wow... :love: so beautiful! I would love to have this color! ahh I wish I had thought to sell my soul to the devil for a few money tree seeds. next time I get the chance... I'm taking it.
  7. gorgeous bag! wonderful seller! and great BIN!!!!!
  8. Who's the seller? (Pf id?)

    (the bag looks excellent)
  9. its absolutely gorgeous....but kinda epensive..
  10. Wow.. totally divine, but eek on the price! good luck to all bidders :smile:

  11. lol, that's funny :lol:
  12. :sweatdrop: Oh God! Oh Donna!! Somebody save me from this temptation and BIN this beauty!!!!!
  13. Deana, go for it....it will be a lovely addition to your b bag family...