'04 LILAC city on Ebay :-))

  1. Hey firstclass...I really want to get it...no money-at least not:yes:
  2. Beautiful! :love: :love:
    Is this waterfalls' auction? Good luck to you and to all the bidders!
    Thanks for sharing, first! :flowers:
  3. agh i'm so tempted! but i just have a hard time shelling out 2k for a 1k bag... it's my dream bag though
  4. Gorgeous and so tempting!
  5. This is the bag of dreams for many!!! Good luck! It's GORGEOUS!!!
  6. you guys can make offers too you know!

    *sigh* look at that lovely anis city in those family pics... :love:
  7. :nuts:
  8. wow, that bag is crazy gorgeous, i hope someone here with alotta cashola snaps it up :tender:
  9. My gosh, that's pretty:love:
  10. thanks cate22. =) *crosses fingers*... oh, and thanks first!:heart:
  11. $1999 is a little steep even for a B-bag in a gorgeous sold-out colour.
    There's a few lilac B-bags on some Japanese online shops (experience tells me that Japanese shops rarely sell fakes) at roughly half the price. I've gotta check out which models those are though. Maybe not the city, but a twiggy or purse would be nice, too.
  12. OMG . . . it's already SOLD :nuts: !!!! WOW ... this was fast :yahoo: !! CONGRATS waterfalls :flowers: - hope a lovely PFer get it ?
  13. Wow that was fast! Congrats waterfalls and to the buyer!
  14. Congrats waterfalls and to the lucky girl who got it!!!
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